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Genius Hour Adventure Camp: Trailblazer Package (Grades 3-5)

Genius Hour Adventure Camp (Summer 2024)

Genius Hour Adventure Camp is exclusively for current 3rd-5th-grade students. By proceeding with the checkout process, you confirm that your child meets this eligibility requirement. If your child does not fall within this age range, please contact us for alternative options. Thank you for your understanding.

Take your child's learning to new heights with our Trailblazer Package—the ultimate Genius Hour experience for aspiring innovators and creators! In addition to all the features of the Explorer Package, including 8 group sessions led by Andi, the Genius Hour Learning Guide, access to the Genius Hour Adventure Community, and weekly check-ins, Trailblazers receive exclusive perks designed to accelerate their growth. This package includes two private student calls, providing personalized guidance and support from our Genius Hour Adventure Leads, as well as two private parent calls to ensure alignment and transparency in your child's learning journey. Trailblazers will also have the opportunity to connect with outside experts in their field of interest, gaining valuable insights and inspiration from industry experts. Limited to just 10 learners, this  package offers unparalleled support and resources to help your child become a true trailblazer in their chosen field.

The Genius Hour Adventure Camp experience will address the following skills: 

Connection #1: Meet and greet, intro to Genius Hour Framework

SKILL FOCUS: Collaboration and Risk-Taking

Connection #2: Finding and Following Your Passion/Purpose 

SKILL FOCUS: Emotional Intelligence and Motivation

Connection #3: Purposeful Planning

SKILL FOCUS: Executive Functioning Skills and Analytical Thinking

Connection #4: Pitching a Project

SKILL FOCUS:  Clear Expression and Active Listening

Connection #5: Project Support

SKILL FOCUS: Making Connections and Adaptability

Connection #6: Creating a Product

SKILL FOCUS: Divergent Thinking and Flexibility

Connection #7: Project Presentations

SKILL FOCUS:  Reflection and Clear Expression

Connection #8: Next Steps

SKILL FOCUS: Decision-Making

Please note that refunds will only be issued for cancellations made up to 30 days before the camp start date as per our refund policy.