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A Meaningful Mess(age)

Find and utilize your unique gifts and talents

Through a Faith-Based

Passion Project

driven by purpose.


I believe that we were all created with unique gifts and talents should be used to make a positive impact on the world around us.  

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A Meaningful Mess(age)

Find and utilize your unique gifts and talents

Through a Faith-Based

Passion Project

driven by purpose.

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God's Lead


Your Passion


Your Purpose

What if your next best step is right in front of you?

How might God use your mess to deliver His message?


A faith-based passion project is a creative endeavor that combines your personal passions with the purpose God has called you to fulfill. It’s an opportunity to express yourself, contribute to your community, and align your actions with your faith. A faith-based passion project isn’t limited by scale—it can be as small as a blog or as extensive as a nonprofit organization. What matters most is the intention behind it: to honor your faith, serve others, and pursue your passions in a purposeful way.

Personal Passion Projects give us an opportunity to be intentional in pursuing our next best step. As we take the time to carefully consider who we are and what we are being called to do, we can often gain clarity in our lives and in our work. Faith-based passion projects are for:

Those feeling lost in their career or life path.

Retirees seeking meaningful ways to contribute in their next phase of life.

College students exploring their future and seeking direction.

Those that have a desire to serve their community or make a positive impact.

Families aiming to cultivate shared experiences and values through faith-inspired activities.

Elementary or secondary learners wanting to make a difference through a faith-based perspective.

Anyone wanting to intentionally utilize their passion in a purposeful way.

I'd love to support you through my Passion Project Framework as you utilize your unique gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the world around you.

 Passion Project Support


These events are designed for women's groups, youth groups, homeschool groups, or organizations that want to provide time and space for participants to consider how a faith-based passion project might impact themselves  and those around them. This event can be an inspirational keynote or an interactive experience.  Let's chat about your event and what might be the best fit!


Whether you are a looking for faith-based passion project support for yourself or someone in your family, my coaching will provide the framework, resources, and ideas that you need to continue moving forward and making progress.  Each step will be aligned with Biblical principles as we work through the project together.


If you would like to embark on a Family Passion Project as a way to serve others and impact your community in a positive way, I would love nothing more than to provide the framework, resources, and connections that you will need to make it happen. My support will simplify the process and provide a space for you and your family to share your experience with others.

Why should I be your Faith-Based Passion Project Guide?

As an educator, I implemented passion projects in my classroom for several years.  As part of that experience, I created a framework for the journey that made the work both intentional and meaningful. 

I now work with educators that are looking for ways to make passion projects a priority in the classroom. While I love this work and value every single minute I get to spend with educators, I have often felt like my own passion project would be to create a faith-based approach to the passion project process. 

As the author of Genius Hour: Passion Projects that Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry, I have the tools, resources, and ideas that will help you make sense of the passion project process.  As a Christian that believes that we all have unique gifts and talents that should be utilized to serve others, I have the perspective that can help you realize how much impact a passion project can have on yourself and others.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10-11

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