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My consulting services focus on helping campuses, districts, educators, and families implement passion-based learning and improve gifted education services.

Genius Hour Implementation

If you’re seeking consulting services to implement passion-based learning within your district, campus, classroom or home, I offer a wealth of expertise and practical guidance.

My approach is tailored to your unique context. I understand that each environment has distinct needs, and I’ll collaborate closely with you to design strategies that align with your vision.

Passion-based learning is about tapping into learners’ interests and curiosities. I’ll guide you in creating an environment where learners explore topics that connect to both their passion and purpose. This approach not only enhances engagement but also fosters creativity and critical thinking.

Learn how this strategy can make learning meaningful and give learners the opportunity to practice problem solving and life-ready skills.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Improving Gifted

Education Services

My approach is customized to your specific district or campus needs. I understand that each educational setting is unique, and I’ll work closely with you to develop strategies that align with your goals.

With years of experience in gifted education, I grasp the intricacies of identifying and nurturing gifted students. From identification to differentiated instruction, I’ll guide you through evidence-based practices.

I believe in collaborative partnerships. Let’s work together to create a holistic ecosystem that supports gifted learners not only academically but also socially and emotionally.

I’ll equip your educators with practical tools, whether it’s teacher training seminars, curriculum modifications, or advocacy for gifted learners. Let’s empower your team to serve gifted learners well.

Below are some of the most common consultation packages to consider:

  1. Full-Year Partnership:

    • Duration: A comprehensive year-long engagement.
    • Ideal For: Schools seeking sustained support across various areas—instructional design, leadership development, and strategic planning.
    • Benefits: Allows for deep collaboration, ongoing implementation, and continuous improvement.
  2. Semester Intensive:

    • Duration: A focused partnership spanning a single semester (approximately 4-5 months).
    • Ideal For: Schools aiming to address specific challenges or launch strategic initiatives within a shorter timeframe.
    • Benefits: Intensive work with clear milestones and actionable outcomes.
  3. Quarterly Check-Ins:

    • Duration: Quarterly consultations (3 months apart).
    • Ideal For: Schools seeking regular guidance, progress monitoring, and adjustments.
    • Benefits: Consistent touchpoints to assess progress, refine strategies, and adapt as needed.
  4. Customized Workshops:

    • Duration: One-time or periodic workshops (e.g., half-day, full-day).
    • Ideal For: Schools targeting specific topics (e.g., equity, data-driven decision-making) or professional development needs.
    • Benefits: Focused learning experiences for educators and leaders.

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