Episode 70: Family Involvement in

Gifted Education


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Episode 70 Notes and Resources:


Below are six ideas for involving family in the gifted education program on your campus or in your district: 

  1. Parent Information Sessions: Host regular information sessions forparents to learn about the gifted education program and how their child can benefit from it. These sessions can include presentations from the gifted education team, as well as opportunities for parents to ask questions and share their concerns.

  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Schedule regular conferences with parents to discuss their child's progress in the gifted education program. These conferences can include feedback on academic performance, social-emotional development, and any concerns that parents may have.

  3. Parent Advisory Committees: Create a parent advisory committee that meets regularly to provide input on the gifted education program. The committee can include parents of gifted learners, as well as community members with an interest in gifted education. The committee can provide valuable feedback on program development and implementation.

  4. Parent Resources: Provide resources for parents to support their child's learning at home. This can include online resources, recommended books and materials, and information on local enrichment opportunities.

  5. Parent Workshops: Offer workshops for parents on topics related to gifted education, such as strategies for supporting gifted learners at home, understanding the social-emotional needs of gifted children, and advocating for their child's education.

  6. Volunteer Opportunities: Offer opportunities for parents to volunteer in the gifted education program, such as serving as a mentor, assisting with special events or projects, or sharing their professional expertise with students.

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