Genius Hour in the Classroom

Because every learner deserves the opportunity to pursue their passion and purpose during the school day.

Genius Hour Academy - A Professional Learning Experience

The 6 Ps of Genius Hour: A Framework for Implementing Passion Projects in the Classroom

Genius Hour changed everything in my classroom.  I had lost every bit of my passion for teaching.  I was preparing to leave education and had decided that I had no idea how to engage today's learners and make learning meaningful. Then it happened, I learned about Genius Hour, took a risk, and EVERYTHING changed.  

My classroom became a place that I wanted to be, it became a place that my learners wanted to be, and most importantly, it became a place that real learning happened.  

If you and your learners need something different, you have to give Genius Hour a try.  When done well, it has the potential to help learners make connections and practice life-ready skills as they learn by doing.

Genius Hour Resources

Genius Hour: Passion Projects that Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry

If you're wanting to implement Genius Hour in your classroom, my book is a great place to start!

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Genius Hour in the Classroom: Ready-To Use-Resources

After understanding why Genius Hour is important and being introduced to the framework, this book is a good next step full of practical ideas and resources.

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Additional Genius Hour Resources:

These are some great books from the people that inspired me as I was learning more about Genius Hour and how to make it work in my classroom.

The Genius Hour GuideBook 

Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi

Pure Genius

Don Wettrick

The Passion-Driven Classroom

Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold

More of my Genius Hour Resources:

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