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5 Ways to Get Families Involved with Genius Hour

Jan 27, 2023

It’s important to make sure that parents and families understand Genius Hour and why you are making it a priority in your classroom. They should be aware of the projects that learners are working on and how they can be involved. Below are five ways that you can make this a reality and ask for support as you implement passion-based learning:

  1.  Explain Genius Hour in an information meeting. Give families the opportunity to ask questions and learn how they can support their learners at home as they work on their projects. Be sure to get permission for the technology tools that learners will be using. 
  2. Ask family members to be outside experts.  You probably have a treasure trove of outside experts within the families of your learners.  Be sure to reach out and ask them if they might be willing to answer questions or share their careers with learners that are interested in that specific topic.
  3. Share material needs with families and ask for donations.  Some of the materials that your learners will need for their projects are things that many people have at home.  Don’t be afraid to ask for donations and materials from families before looking for them anywhere else.
  4. Invite family members to watch pitches and presentations. Sharing pitches and presentations will give them the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions about the work that is being done.  You could do this as a face to face experience or use Microsoft Flip to share through video.
  5. Give families the opportunity to see what every learner has done through a showcase.  A Genius Hour showcase allows everyone to come together to appreciate the work that has been put into the projects as well as learn new things as students share their final products and presentations.I

It's so important that we focus on building partnerships between home and school and this is a great way to make that reality.  

What are some ways that you think we can get families involved?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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