Map vs GPS Perspective

Jan 18, 2023

 As I was driving in this morning, my GPS rerouted me because of some construction that was in the area. As it did, I had a thought.  So often in the classroom, we have to reroute.  We have to rethink what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Often my car will reroute me if there is a faster way to get to my destination. That should happen in the classroom as well.  Consider your gifted learners and high achievers. Many times, there is a faster way for them to understand the content. My GPS doesn’t try to keep me on the same route as everyone else…instead, it considers what will get me to my destination in a way that makes the most sense for me.  

My GPS will also recognize barriers that I will encounter and will reroute if there is a way to avoid those barriers. Sometimes, it gives me choice in the routes and I can decide what will be best for me. 

As educators, it’s so important that we are prepared pivot and take a different route if the original route isn’t the best getting our learners to their destination.

The reality is that paper maps often limited drivers because they were not providing  a route based on real-time events…like wrecks, construction, and other barriers.  GPS systems consider you as a driver, real-time events, and your final destination. 

And, my ETA is usually not the same as another driver’s ETA…even if we are headed to the same place. But often, in the classroom, we expect all of our learners to get to the same place at the same time.

Take some time today and think about your practice. Are you willing to provide a better route to your learners based on what they need? 

Bottom line, are you teaching from a map or GPS perspective?  How is your approach impacting the way that your students learn?