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provide support as you implement Genius Hour or support gifted learners?


Genius Hour

Coaching Package

This coaching package is designed to support educators or families as they implement Genius Hour for the first time in the classroom or at home.  As a part of this coaching package, you will have access to resources, ideas and strategies that will make the experience both manageable and meaningful.
  • Initial assessment session to understand the goals and context of implementing Genius Hour.
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions (1 hour each) to provide guidance and support throughout the Genius Hour process.
  • Assistance in brainstorming project ideas and aligning them with student interests and learning objectives.
  • Strategies for designing project-based learning experiences and incorporating Genius Hour into the curriculum.
  • Support in setting up a framework for learners to use as they move through the Genius Hour process. 
  • Resources and templates for tracking progress, assessing student work, and reflecting on project outcomes.
  • Ongoing email support for questions, feedback, and troubleshooting.


Supporting Gifted Learners

Coaching Package

This coaching package is designed to support educators or families of gifted learners as they find meaningful ways to engage gifted learners.  As a part of this coaching process, you will learn how to support and nurture gifted learners through differentiation and personalized learning.


  • Initial consultation to assess the needs and strengths of the gifted learner(s) and understand the home or school environment.
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions (1 hour each) to discuss strategies and resources for supporting gifted learners.
  • Guidance on identifying and nurturing the interests and talents of gifted learners through enrichment activities and challenging projects.
  • Support in creating personalized learning plans to accommodate the unique learning pace and preferences of gifted students.
  • Strategies for addressing social and emotional needs, including managing perfectionism, fostering resilience, and promoting peer connections.
  • Resources and recommendations for supplementary materials, enrichment programs, and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Follow-up session to review progress, adjust strategies as needed, and plan for continued support.