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Genius Hour Adventure Camp - Virtual (Summer 2024) 

Welcome to the Genius Hour Adventure Camp, where young minds come together to explore, create, and innovate. This virtual club provides a safe learning space for gifted learners in grades 3-5 to embark on a journey of discovery and passion pursuit.

Through collaborative efforts, members will engage in hands-on, personalized projects that ignite their curiosity and unleash their creativity.

Guided by Genius Hour: Passion Projects that Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry author, Andi McNair, and fueled by their own interests, learners will have the opportunity to explore diverse topics, from science and technology to art and literature, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills along the way. 

The Genius Hour Adventure (Summer 2024) Camp will run from June 1st to August 1st.

Genius Hour Adventure Camp Packages


Genius Hour Adventure Camp: Adventurer Package (Grades 3-5)

Dive into the world of innovation and exploration with the Adventurer Package! Perfect for those seeking an interactive and supportive learning experience, this package offers 8 group sessions led by Andi, where campers will be introduced to a specific part of the Genius Hour process. Alongside these sessions, campers will receive our comprehensive Genius Hour Learning Guide, packed with resources and activities to fuel their curiosity and creativity. With access to the exclusive Genius Hour Adventure Community, campers can connect with like-minded peers, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This package is limited to 15 learners.

$450.00 USD


Genius Hour Adventure Camp: Explorer Package (Grades 3-5)

Unlock your child's potential with our Explorer Package, designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout their Genius Hour journey. Campers enrolled in this package receive all the benefits of the Adventurer Package. In addition, campers benefit from weekly check-in opportunities with a Genius Hour Adventure Lead, where they can receive personalized feedback, track their progress, and set goals for their projects. Limited to 12 learners, this package offers a perfect balance of structure and flexibility for young minds to thrive.

$650.00 USD


Genius Hour Adventure Camp: Trailblazer Package (Grades 3-5)

Take your child's learning to new heights with the Trailblazer Package‚ÄĒthe ultimate Genius Hour experience for aspiring innovators and creators!¬† Trailblazers will receive exclusive opportunities designed to personalize the experience. In addition to all of the features of this Explorer Package, this package includes two private student calls, providing personalized guidance and support from our Genius Hour Adventure Leads, as well as two private parent calls to ensure alignment and transparency in your child's learning journey. Trailblazers will also have the opportunity to connect with outside experts in their field of interest, gaining valuable insights and inspiration from industry experts. Limited to just 10 learners, this elite package offers unparalleled support and resources to help your child become a true trailblazer in their chosen field.

$850.00 USD


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Genius Hour Adventure Camp is exclusively for current 3rd-5th-grade students. By proceeding with the checkout process, you confirm that your child meets this eligibility requirement. If your child does not fall within this age range, please contact us for alternative options. Thank you for your understanding.


Individual Passion Project Support

(for secondary learners and adults)

Do you have a gifted learner with an interest they'd like to explore?

My specialized support is perfect for gifted learners eager to explore their interests. With tailored guidance and resources, I will work to empower them to transform their passions into tangible projects. From idea refinement to skill enhancement, I'm dedicated to nurturing their growth and helping them make a meaningful impact in their fields of interest.

Are you an educator that is burnt out and needing some inspiration?

For burnt-out educators seeking renewal, my support offers a path to rejuvenation. With personalized guidance and a wealth of resources, I'm here to reignite your passion and inspire fresh pursuits. Whether you're yearning to explore new career avenues, dive into creative endeavors, or find meaningful ways to give back, let's work together to reclaim your enthusiasm and make your next chapter truly fulfilling.

Are you a young adult trying to find your place in this great big world?

My guidance is invaluable for young adults navigating their path forward. With personalized support and resources, you will be empowered to explore your interests and discover your passions. From clarifying goals to developing skills, I'm committed to helping you find direction and pursue fulfilling opportunities in your journey towards adulthood.

Are you a retiree or empty nester ready for your second act?

For retirees or empty nesters embarking on their second act, my support offers a transformative opportunity. With personalized guidance and resources, I will encourage you to explore new passions and ideas. Whether you're seeking to start a new business, engage in creative pursuits, or give back to your community, I'm here to provide the tools and encouragement needed to make your second act truly remarkable.

These examples offer just a glimpse into the range of support I can provide. If you have a vision waiting to be realized and are seeking someone to bring it to life, I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way. 

Clients are encouraged to share their passion project ideas with me. Please note that I evaluate each proposal individually to ensure alignment with my skills and availability. If you are ready to begin your individual passion project journey, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted soon.

I am committed to partnering with projects that align with my core values. Projects that contradict or compromise these values will not be considered for collaboration.